About Bowsher Energy L.L.C

Bowsher Energy L.L.C was established to provide services in oil & gas industry in 2011 and expanded its services in 2016 with MICO Oil Field Services owning years of experience in service oriented L.L.C. As a company MICO Oil Field Services owning to energy sector, we are mainly focusing to provide serrvices support for companies working in oil & gas sector in the Sultanate.

Bowsher Energy L.L.C is now near to its goal and strategy, initiated in 2016. The strategy is known as Shared Vision and aims to rebuild the company and revitalize the Bowsher Energy L.L.C as Oil field Services combining its previous activities along with involvement in new sectors for creative business interest in Oil & Gas Sector and other markets as well.

A leading provider of integrated testing, rentals and specialty services for drilling, Production, pipeline, construction and process operations, Bowsher Energy L.L.C offers tools and services to improve productivity onshore and offshore.

Serving customers in drilling, production, pipeline and rig, well intervention and process industries, the company has a top-notch reputation in the energy service arena.

Bowsher Energy L.L.C experience, knowledge, responsiveness and attention to safety have made it an industry leader. The company strives for excellence in safety, services, products and staff knowledge. This mission guides the company’s growth and expansion plans for all of its energy-service business.

With its highly-trained staff of experienced professions, Bowsher Energy L.L.C develops customized solutions that incorporate pipeline safety, integrity, throughput and efficiency while complying with all safety and environmental regulations.

Bowsher Energy L.L.C provides the energy and industrial market segments with an array of unmatched cost-effective solutions through advanced technologies.


  • Drilling & completion chemicals
  • Production chemicals


  • Portable separation equipment
  • Pipeline management services
  • Water treatment services


  • Online facility cleaning
  • Online treatment of gas stream
  • Black powder mitigation or black powder removal

Core Values

  • Safety is first and foremost
  • Quality workmanship in everything
  • Do it right the first time
  • Wow our customers
  • Teamwork
  • Recognize people who excel
  • Integrity and compliance
  • Intensity: Work hard at all times
  • Exceed our goals

Bowsher Energy L.L.C offer a broad range of pressure-testing, pumping, torqueing, cutting and cleaning services to oil and gas industry, in addition to providing quality tools and rental equipment.

Whether you are working in tight shales, coal-bed methane, deep water, tar sands or other extreme operating conditions, Bowsher Energy L.L.C knowledge people and dependable equipment will keep your assets operating safety and efficiently.

Bowsher Energy L.L.C will serve you across Oman. Bowsher Energy L.L.C is continually expanding the services if offers and adding locations to better assist oil and gas industry in drilling, production, pipeline and process operations worldwide.

Our Services

  • Products and Services
  • Bioremediation and the Use of Bio augmentation Products.
  • Corrosion Monitoring in Oil field, Pipeline and Industrial Process.
  • Debris Analyses – Interpretation and Reporting
  • Environment Responsibility statement
  • Technical bulletin regarding the difference Between Utilizing a Humectant or Dehydration Compound and Methyl Alcohol (Methanol) for Drying Wet Natural Gas Pipelines or Gas Streams.
  • Responsible Care Operating

We are passionate about making a difference

We keep it simple. Our delivery and client engagement process is based on three key principles:

We keep it simple. Our delivery and client engagement process is based on three key principles:

How We Engage?

You send us your requirement in any shape and form, call or message and we contact you in the next 24-hours for a quick meeting .

We send you development contract and begin assembling project team. We understand that contract negotiation can take a while and in many cases we start setting up project infrastructure long before paperwork is actually completed to keep the momentum.

We analyse collected information and come back to you with initial ballpark estimate and engagement plan.
Even simplest projects or service require maintenance and support. We understand that and we are always ready to provide post-production support if necessary in addition to our standard warranty period.
When the time comes for us to step aside, we will provide all necessary resources to perform smooth and seamless handover of the project to your team. We’ll help your staff to get up to speed with project deliverables and infrastructure and we’ll always stay just one phone call away to answer your questions.

Our Clients

Petroleum Development Oman PDO
Abraj Energy Services
Baker Hughes Oman
Gulf Energy Services (GE)
National Bank of Oman (NBO)
OHI (Mud Industries)
Saxon Energy Services
Special Technical Services (STS)
Schlumberger Oman & Co LLC
UFC United Finance Company

Meet The Team

A strong, well-organized team is key. We are fluent in the most sophisticated project methodologies, but deeply believe that it all comes down to two teams – ours and client’s, respecting and bringing the best in each other. We do not believe in people-independent delivery processes. Instead, we create an environment where people are motivated to stay and perform.

Sultan Al Hasani
Salim Al. Haddabi


I have used Oil Consultants many times in the past and still think they retain the best consultants in the oilfield.
Abdul Raoof
Service from Bowsher Petroleum has been very good, they have supplied personnel at very short notice, we will definitely be using Bowsher Petroleum as our first choice for personnel.